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Land of Fire and Ice- Birth place of Lord of the Rings

Regardless of how old you are or at what point you are in your life, Iceland is always a good idea. Whether you want to relax and go whale watching, go for a swim in the blue lagoon hot spring, or watch the northern lights from the mountain top or on a ship on the ocean, Iceland will not disappoint. You don't have to go out of your way to have an adventure because adventure will find you. Below is what my ten-day trip on the Ring Road looked like.

Views along the Ring Road:

Popular Black Sand Beach in Reynisfjara, Vik:

There is a legend that the stone columns in this photo are trolls that got caught in the sunlight when they were trying to drag ships to shore.

This is a good time to explain what Lord of the Rings has to do with Iceland. One thing to note is Iceland is full of legends, similar to the one about trolls, but vikings and elves are the real celebrities. Icelandic people believe in elves, not the tiny ones that live in your garden but powerful magical creatures as depicted in Lord of the Rings book/movie. LOTR is my favorite so of course by default, so is Iceland.

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

The glacier lagoon and diamond beach blew my mind. These icebergs are millions of years old! When a big one snaps from the rest of the glacier, you hear a thundering BOOM from the mountains. Felt nothing like this before. Diamond beach and the lagoon is across the road from each other in Vatnajökull National Park.

You can go on a boat ride and tour around the huge glaciers or walk on the ice that are closer to shore. This is unique for me because I've never been this close to a glacier before.


My favorite views:

Skogafoss. Part of the Golden Circle

Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach Stone columns

Dyrhólaey Arch below is near the black sand beach. Southern Iceland has more views that are closer to the road than Northern Iceland in my opinion. A lot of places in the east and north require hikes and 4x4 vehicles.


Feeling excited yet? Whether you visit for a couple of days or a weeks, you can't go wrong. For those who stop over for a couple of days on their way to Europe or North America, the Golden Circle is absolutely the best. It covers waterfalls, landscape, geysers, and other great views that are closer to the road. The Golden Circle is a good bite size appetizer that will leave you craving for what lies beyond the circle. Those who visit for at least 6-7 days, I'd highly recommend the Ring Road.

Lastly, there are the few of us who need the adrenaline rush, and need to leave our footprints off the road. We cannot pass on the Highlands. Below is not my photo, but definitely a million likes worthy in Instagram. Rent a 4x4, make sure to have a sleeping bag, water, food, and you're all set to experience the land of Fire and Ice very few people in the world have experienced. Iceland is every adventurer's dreamland, or at least it is for me.

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Request an itinerary of Iceland for more detailed layout of the best places to stay, eat, and visit for your trip. Itinerary also includes recommendation to make it easy, fun, and have it all on a budget. :)

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