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It's the Island Life- Aruba

I bet when you think of Aruba- The Happy Island, you picture this...

You're absolutely right, however, if you have a adventurous heart, here is what you should also know about Aruba.

The Rough Sea

It's not all calm sandy beaches where all the resorts are located and cruise ships dock. On the opposite side of Oranjestad is where the road less traveled begins. The ocean waves smash into the cliffs and drenches you even if you're 20ft away. The wind feels like it lost its direction and is on a frenzy trying to figure out which way to go. It messes up your well done hair and blows saltwater and dirt your way before it passes. The ocean on this side of the island is something to watch and admire, not go swimming in.

The howling of the wind and the smashing of the waves drives all other thoughts and noise out of your head. It captures you completely. When you do manage to peel away from this enchantment, you will still feel the force of the wind and hear the sounds of the ocean, making you feel refreshed and completely awake and energized. It's one of those " you need to be there to really understand what I'm talking about" moments.

This is a beach you're better off staying close to shore. The currents are relentless but dreadfully beautiful. You can walk up the on the side of the cliff and enjoy this spectacular view where you're only kissed by the wind, but the waves and salty water is a safe distance away.

Right by the sea side, you can put your explorer's hat on and check out the cool caves that not only gives you a relief from the hot sun, but give you yet another reason to be amazed with Aruba.

Guadirikiri Cave in Arikok National Park.

The park also has several hiking trials that are fit for adults and children. Once of the most popular path is the road that leads to the Natural Pool to the east of Arikok. It is about a 10min walk from the parking area that opens up a pool where you can swim and cliff jump.

Owner: Google Images

After hiking in the sun for hours, this pool can be a true oasis. It's easily accessible, fun, and free. Meets all the check marks and a must see.

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