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North America

​Majestic Yet Humble

I'm not a beach person. It doesn't capture my heart and imagination as mountains, lakes, and waterfalls do. The Canadian Rockies and the Wild West will definitely give you a healthy dose of raw adventure if that's what you're seeking.

Central America

Music, Food, Culture

In Central America you don't need a reason to party. Amazing food, live music, friendly crowd, everyone is there to have fun. Whether you're visiting a city, or the mountains, you will learn and see something new everyday. The locals will definitely keep the smile on your face.

South America

Off Road and Chill, Best of Both Worlds

South America excites me. It is everything a wandering soul can ask for. Rich culture, delicious fatty food, unbelievable landscape, and of course  wonderful locals who are kind and helpful.


​Elegance With a Side of Adventure

Walk down the streets of Paris in your stilettos one day, throw on a backpack to hike the mountains of Austria another day, go on a romantic date in the charming city of Prague, or snowboard on the Alps. You can do it all.

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